WATCH: Casey Donovan steals a mate’s dog from their apartment

Puzzling CCTV footage has emerged of Casey Donovan and her mate stealing a dog from a Brisbane apartment complex.

Pop singer and Aussie Idol winner, Casey Donovan has been receiving some backlash this week over an alleged “dognapping” stunt that took place on Sunday evening at a Brisbane apartment complex. CCTV footage has emerged, which shows the singer and her mate ‘Drew’ supposedly ‘stealing’ a puppy by the name of  ‘Donatello’ from someone’s unit, after witnessing the creature get thrown across the room.

As can be seen in the video clip featured on 9News, Casey and Drew exit the door of a flat and begin walking down a hallway in the building. Drew, sporting a bright red dress, can be seen carrying Donatello in their arms. The trio enter a lift to exit the complex.

Credit: JUNKEE

Since the alleged “dognapping” stunt, Casey has made a statement via Facebook, explaining her and Drew’s “great concern for the dog’s welfare,” which is why they “decided to take the dog home.”

Watch the bewildering CCTV footage of the incident below: