A woman gave birth at a Metallica concert on the weekend

Forget water births, a woman in Brazil popped out a child during a Metallica concert in Curitiba on the weekend.

Brazilian tattoo artist Joice Figueiró was 39-weeks pregnant when she attended a Metallica concert on Saturday, watching on from the accessible seating section.

She made it through the support acts, Ego Kill Talent and Greta Van Fleet without any issues, but her newborn must’ve liked what it heard when Metallica took the stage, because Figueiró quickly started to experience some serious contractions.

Metallica Baby
Credit: Joice Figueiró

Figueiró didn’t have time to make it to hospital, so she hurried over to the venues outpatient clinic, her water breaking on the way.

The child was born at 11pm, summoned out as Metallica played Enter Sandman. But instead of opting for a very fitting, sand related name, Figueiró went with the more commonplace “Luan”.

“At every show I go to, something has to happen, but this time I think I’ve outdone myself,” the mother wrote on Instagram. “I bought this ticket three years ago and I never imagined something like this would happen.”

If you’re going to miss a show you’ve waited to see for three years, giving birth to a child is possibly the only reason that makes up for the disappointment. Much better than testing positive for COVID two hours before the show, right?

And giving birth to the soundtrack of Metallica playing live? Priceless.

Plus, is this not the cutest child you’ve ever seen?