Woodes brings dazzling vocals to everything she touches. Find out why even Norway is listening to her single The Thaw

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Woodes aka Elle Graham is a singer, songwriter and producer, who in the last few months has jumped from great to stellar with the release of her latest track, The Thaw.

Currently on tour supporting Dustin Tebbutt along with Robbie Miller, the 24-year-old is showing no signs of slowing down with The Thaw receiving a whole lotta love both in Australia and abroad.


Woodes’ single The Thaw is a wintry work of wonder and is showing no signs of freezing up.

“It’s been really cool to receive messages from places like Norway and France because of it,” Graham told Happy regarding The Thaw“Music has this way of connecting people with similar minds. I love the idea of being in someone else’s soundtrack over there”.

While she’s surprised by the overwhelming success of the tune, Woodes had every reason to be confident. “On the LANKS tour we actually got to play it together as a preview and it was interesting to see such a positive reaction.”

Despite the artist’s far north Queensland upbringing, The Thaw is jam packed with wintry vibes – softly whisking you away with beautiful melodies, a pretty funky baseline and exquisitely hypnotic vocals.

The ability to combine emotionally provoking lyrics, strong vocals, a sexy melody and a beat to tap your steering wheel to are fast becoming the hallmarks of a Woodes tune. Dagger & Knives is the perfect example of this – all the elements culminating to create the perfect sweet, soft electro gem.

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Graham is no stranger to a collab, working with the likes of Atticus Beats, LANKS, and Golden Vessel. She also teamed up with Elkkle on an incredible EP last year.

“Collaboration pushes me and allows me to meet wonderful people,” she said.

Woodes x Elkkle was a four-track masterpiece we were blessed with last year, and is an example of that collaborative creativity Woodes appears to thrive off. The tracks gave Woodes a platform to demonstrate just how delicate and beautiful her vocals really are, holding her own on the twistedly hypnotic artpop beats of Elkkle. The perfectly poignant lyrics melting over every track.

Whilst she enjoys the creative process of collaborative projects, admits that working alone is why she makes and adores music.

“I love days when I spend all my time engrossed in a session, writing… It’s important to have that stillness to allow for everything to simmer.”

Woodes is still touring with Dustin Tebbutt, with upcoming shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide. She’s also onboard the colossal BIGSOUND Festival in September. Check out her full dates here, and all the juicy BIGSOUND info here.

Alternatively, jump over to her Soundcloud – and get lost in the Woodes.