Please enjoy these hilariously wholesome videos of hummingbird enthusiasts

So firstly, hummingbird enthusiasts are a thing, and secondly, they are apparently amongst some of the more creative people in the world. Turns out they are coming up with some interesting ways to attract the little bird, in the form of costume.

Check out some of the unique ways enthusiasts are getting the attention of the small but mighty hummingbird.


Apparently, this kind of apparatus is the secret to getting up close and personal with a hummingbird. Could have fooled me.

Despite this looking like a bit of a how ya going DIY job, apparently it does the trick. The hummingbird is a tiny bird species which weighs less than five grams. They go by their name because their wings make a light humming noise when flapping together.

They are also a big fan of people and enjoy a bit of human company if you’re patient enough. So if you’re feeling a little lonely maybe you should take up hummingbird enthusiasm – but beware this hobby requires a fair amount of time and energy. Take this guy, for example, he used a combo of sugar water and a clip-on glasses device to attract his favourite little animal:

I’m sure the experience made him happier than he looked. Turns out, he’s not alone:

So if you’re feeling up to some DIY (and we don’t mean of the self-pleasure kind), maybe put your creativity to use and get out there bird-watching.