PREMIERE: Bambi O’Hara drops new single ‘Religion’

Bambi O’Hara is back with her first track of the year, Religion, and a striking music video to go along with it.

Religion is the dimly lit new single from rising Sydney alt-pop artist Bambi O’Hara, flaunting emotive vocals and other-worldly synths.

Religion is the follow up to Bambi’s single 10:45 which she dropped last year, but the new single delivers a similar vibe to Vanilla Fumes.

Bambi O'Hara

Stirring guitars roll beneath Bambi’s floating voice, which is reminiscent of the incredible Amy Winehouse, building into a chorus that employs similar bending synth tones to that of Rodriguez’s Sugar Man.

Then, of course, there’s the bridge that will leave you with genuine goosebumps, hitting juicy, ethereal notes.

“Religion is the sound of all those woozy emotions you ride between understanding and resistance – particularly when you don’t personally believe in someone else’s faith but you want to empathise with them,” Bambi explained.

“Amongst all the endless religions in the world, it is the feeling of staying true to yourself.”

The accompanying music video is fittingly dramatic, with stunning visuals of Bambi singing in front of a stormy sunset with symbolic visuals flickering in the mix.

Bambi will be launching Religion at the Golden Age Cinema on Saturday, May 28 from 10pm. Entry to the show is free, but you can RSVP here.

Watch the video below.