WWE star Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the ring for ‘Breath of the Wild’

Breath of the Wild is one of the most beloved video games of its generation – and it turns out it has an unexpected admirer in WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Breath of the Wild is a stone cold classic and, in a delicious twist of fate, has a big fan in WWE star Stone Cold Steve Austin. The information came to light over a podcast interview between Steve Austin and fellow wrestler, and noted Legend of Zelda fan, Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes was on the record as having stated that his favourite Zelda game is SNES classic Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. However, in a surprising reversal he claimed that the best game in the long running series in actually the Nintendo 64 title, Ocarina of Time.

steve austin broken skulls
Image: Broken Skulls Sessions / WWE

The surprises didn’t stop there though, with Steve Austin quickly firing back the following: “No, dude, Breath of the Wild“. A noticeably shocked Cody Rhodes, who probably couldn’t believe he’d found a kindred Zelda fan in Austin, responded “that’s a bold choice“.

Now, while it’s undeniably true that video games have become part of the mainstream entertainment ecosystem, I think it’s fair to say most wouldn’t expect this level of Zelda passion from two WWE stars.

That said, similarly muscular lads have already demonstrated their love of things far more nerdy than Breath of the Wild. Hell, Henry Cavill has essentially built a solid career being that guy.

The good news for both Cody Rhodes and Stone Cold Steve Austin is that they’ve both found a fellow fan to commiserate with; because Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 has officially been pushed back to 2023.

However, if they (or you) simply can’t wait, there have been a few recent leaks that shed some light on what we can expect in the upcoming Breath of the Wild sequel.

Either way, it’s pretty cute to see two WWE stars getting geeky and reminiscing about the simple joy of gaming.