Australian hard copies of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ have one hell of a typo

Cyberpunk 2077’s glitchy messiness has crossed over into the real world. Nothing is safe anymore – we are in a simulation called Autralia.

Welcome to the darkest timeline, the one where we discover that for the past century and a bit, the anglo-colonisers of this gold-imbued continent have been messing up the name of the land they live on. Thank you to CD Projekt Red for correcting all of us in our ignorance. Welcome, to Autralia.

In what would be a minor blunder for almost anyone else, CD Projekt Red have managed to make headlines with another error in the Cyberpunk 2077 saga. Not content with one of the worst launches in history, the largest hack in recent memory, or having to block their players from banging Keanu Reeves, they’re saving time by offending an entire continent in a single go.

CDPR Manufactured in Autralia
Image: Anthony Mark / Kotaku Australia

The error can only be seen on the back of the PC hard copy of the game, where just underneath the barcode, you’ll see that the game is “Manufactured in Autralia”. In their defence though, the ABC website also lists a Map for Autralia. I can feel my tinfoil tingling already.

As a proud Autralian, I have to admit, gaffes on this level make me giggle. I’m all for it, and couldn’t be happier to stand with my fellow Autralians. My main gripe comes from the knock-on effect of the ‘s’ being omitted from Australia’s name. “owee owee owee, oi oi oi” just doesn’t hit right.

CD Projekt Red can’t get even close to catching a break, their situation is so heinous that we’ve wrapped around from funny, through the valley of sad misfortune, and we’re right back to hilarious. I cannot wait to see what the next issue with Cyberpunk 2077 will be.