Female singer-songwriters that inspire Tanya Goltz

Fierce in expressing her emotions, Tanya Goltz shares the female artists that have inspired her tenacious style of musical expression.

With an Ep coming out soon, Tanya Goltz has given us a little taste of her music with the release of her second single of the collection of songs. Steal My Soul is infused with moody melodies, plucking guitar strings and boundless vocals that fly over the backdrop of instrumentation. Her sound is wrapped up in gritty rock and roll, with a lyrical style that oozes empowerment delivered with a powerful, fiery voice.

Enthralled by feelings of wanderlust, she has been on a journey of self-discovery which has landed her in a place where she can be unapologetically herself with her upcoming EP, Pieces Of Me.

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Tanya has shared the female artists and singer-songwriters that have sparked inspiration and been her muse as she has ventured into the world of music.

Words from Tanya Goltz

This is a playlist of Australian female artists that have provided inspiration for me during my career as a singer-songwriter. All of the artists are experienced vocalists as well as compelling songwriters.

I started listening to Natalie Imbruglia in high school & Big Mistake not only exposed me to the genre of pop-rock but gave me a lesson in portraying emotion in vocals. Every time I sang along it gave me such a strong sense of how to freely express myself through the voice.

Lyn Bowtell is a firm favourite of mine. Lyn has such a distinctive voice with so much depth and soul. Her songs are so beautifully crafted that you can get something new out of them each time you hit play. No Lover is no exception, I’m such a fan of blues and this one gives me chills each time. From exceptional vocal delivery full of emotion to overall song structure. I could listen to it all day.

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright by Abby Dobson is a really uplifting track. I love to play this one when I need that extra encouragement after a challenging day. From the overall message of optimism to the soaring vocals, the layered instrumentation and the B section. It is crafted beautifully together to incite a sense of purpose & hopes that I think we could all benefit from.

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There’s an incredible collection of songs on Tanya’s playlist, here are a few more tracks that stand out:

Kate Miller-Heidke’s The Last Day on Earth is driven by her delicate vocal cadence that is tethered with emotions that are spine-tinglingly beautiful. The meld of a soft staccato melodic piano and her crispy echoes of vocal expression are just beautiful.

Bars on my Window by Thelma Plum is wrapped in lyrical confessions and heartbreak. Her raw and soaring vocals sit at the forefront of the track as the melancholic, bluesy soft backdrop compliment her voice lightly. It’s a short but powerful track.

Katie Noonan’s Sunshine oozes groove through its seductive bass, dreamy electric strums and funky soul vocals. Katie resounds positive light as strong hits from the bass drum pull you into a soft disco vibe.

Ain’t no little Girl is a mysterious and cinematic track by Kasey Chambers. With amazing momentum, her roaring vocals are boundless yet tranquil at the same time. Her polished, thrilling soulful expression pushes and erupts into a sea of emotions.

A beautiful cover of The Killer’s All these things I’ve done, Meg Washington’s ethereal vocal Cadance gives immediate goosebumps. Her tone is oppressive in gloom and audacious in attitude. The vocals are ever so feather-light yet full of breath and life.

Aussie music legend, Missy Higgins is the King and Queen of breakup songs and heartache. Where I stood is full of dread and staccato sadness with a melancholic piano melody. In the verses she is gentle yet firm in and then comes colliding in with emotions in the chorus. A chilling outcry.

The Veronia’s have gone from punchy poppy bangers to crafting incredible emotional-driven songs. In You Ruin Me, the strings and orchestral sounds are wrapped in sophisticated heartbreak with ghostly, crispy and crunchy vocals.

Hopeless by Karise Eden begins with a bluesy, rustic guitar intro fueled by sadness and builds the foundation for a soft-groovy song. She pushes her vocal tone with fierce soulful bravado and, swan-dive emotionally elastic lyrics.

The playlist that Tanya curated and put together is an amazing one, full of beautiful and soulful songwriters and singers. For the full playlist check it out below, save it and embrace all the expressive and talented women who dive soul-first into their music, which Tanya does much of the same.