‘Ghost of Tsushima’ wins big at The Game Awards

After three rounds of fan voting, Ghost of Tsushima managed to take the lead and come out on top as 2020’s Player’s Voice winner.

The ever-popular Ghost of Tsushima has won The Game Award’s ‘Player’s Voice’ Award.

The PS4 action-adventure game, developed this year by Sucker Punch Productions, has beat out games like Hades, Doom Eternal, and The Last of Us Part II

Ghost of Tsushima Screenshot

Within the three rounds of voting, there was no clear winner, with the placements shifting from round to round. Ghost of Tsushima had a 3% lead over its main competitor, The Last of Us Part II, in the second round, but started losing steam in the third round.

When the final round began The Last of Us Part II had jumped up to 43% of the overall votes while Ghost of Tsushima was lagging at 31%, until in the last four hours of voting the fans pulled through and brought Ghost of Tsushima up to win with a 47% lead.

While some people over Twitter have mentioned the game may have taken the lead due to people spite voting against The Last of Us Part II, this is still a huge success for the game and many fans are ecstatic over the win.

The rest of The Game Awards will be announced soon, with categories like Game of the Year, Best Score and Music, Best Indie, Best Family, Best Esports Athlete and a lot more to look forward to. These awards are given based on fan votes and those of a jury, with the fan votes accounting for 10% and the judges for 90%, unlike the solely fan-voted Player’s Voice.

Find out more about The Game Awards here, where you can sign up to vote for your favourite games in the running.