Is Frank Ocean secretly uploading music to Spotify as Blondead?

Frank Ocean has been making headlines lately as fans speculate that he may be uploading some of his old music to Spotify under the alias “Blondead.”

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Frank Ocean, the elusive musical genius, may be up to his old tricks again. Fans are speculating that the man himself is sneaking his old tunes onto Spotify under the pseudonym Blondead.

The evidence? Three tracks from his 2010 behemoth, The Lonny Breaux Collection, have mysteriously popped up on the streaming platform, courtesy of this shadowy user. And not only that, but Blondead even has that coveted blue tick of verification.

Frank Ocean press picture
Credit: Press

It’s not the first time Ocean has kept us guessing. The man behind the classics Channel ORANGE and Blonde has a habit of disappearing for long stretches of time, only to reemerge with a new project when we least expect it.

But while we wait for that next masterpiece, we can at least indulge in some old-school Frank. And who knows, maybe we’ll get some new Blondead tracks to tide us over. After all, the man did announce a new weekly radio show on Apple Music last October.

So, whether it’s Frank or Blondead or some other mysterious entity behind these uploads, we’re grateful for the chance to bask in the brilliance of one of music’s most enigmatic figures.