Ivanka Trump’s latest selfie with Donald is going viral for all the wrong reasons

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka is going viral today after tagging singer-songwriter Meatloaf instead of her dad in a hilariously odd-looking selfie.

On what could possibly be their final father and daughter flight aboard Air Force 1, Ivanka Trump took the chance to snap a cute selfie with her father. But, it might not have turned out the way she had planned, thanks to the blessing that is social media.

Not only did the photo look quite cursed, but Ivanka didn’t even tag her father in the selfie.

Ivanka Trump

As experienced as the former fashion designer is in front of the lens, there’s something about her direct smile and dead eyes that really has Twitter users in hysterics. Not to mention, she forgot to tag her own father in the picture.

Ivanka and Donald were both on their way to Georgia as voters headed to the polls in the crucial runoff elections. These ballots will determine the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.

Although intended as a friendly sentiment, we can’t help but feel that her incredibly threatening stare was aimed at Georgia voters in a last-ditch effort to salvage Trump’s abysmal presidential race.

As for the tagging of Meatloaf, Ivanka has since fixed her mistake but that didn’t stop users from screen grabbing the hiccup. Maybe she should take a few tips from her father as he spends half his life on Twitter?

Of course, users took to the hilarious post like wildfire:

Meatloaf will do anything for love, but he definitely isn’t coming out of retirement for you Ivanka.