Jack Black just did the ‘WAP’ dance and broke the internet

Watch Jack Black in the performance of a lifetime as he takes on Cardi B’s WAP armed with nothing but tight red speedos and a garden hose.

WAP is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Following its release in August of this year, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s hit track not only broke records but also whipped up endless internet controversies and glorious mashups, simultaneously giving birth to its very own TikTok dance challenge.

From Jason Derulo to Addison Rae, numerous celebrities have tried their hand at the iconic dance, but by far the brightest star to take part in the challenge is none other than Jack Black, who took the internet by storm yesterday when he offered up his very own rendition of the WAP moves, complete with red budgie smugglers and a garden hose.

jack black wap

Taking to social media, the actor and Tenacious D frontman exclaimed “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”, before dutifully crediting the videographer and “hose water technician”. 


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Unsurprisingly, the video quickly picked up traction, launching Jack Black into the trending section of Twitter.

Jack Black is one of many celebrities who have recently joined TikTok, and the actor has been offering up a spate of iconic videos over the last little while.

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