Kanye West’s upcoming appearance on Joe Rogan has been cancelled

It seems we won’t be seeing Kanye West appear on Joe Rogan’s podcast this week after unexpected circumstances caused its cancellation.

UPDATE: It’s just been announced that the podcast will still be going ahead so Kanye West will appear on Joe Rogan tomorrow!

Alas, Kanye West will not be appearing on an upcoming episode of Joe Rogan‘s podcast, despite hyping it over social media earlier this week.

And if you were thinking the reason behind the cancellation was something to do with Kanye’s endless antics, you’d actually be wrong, as the cancellation comes due to a simple old, run of the mill COVID-19 infection.

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Famed rapper and infamous visionary, Kanye West is currently in the middle of history’s most poorly planned US presidential run, vying against the likes of Joe Biden and Donald Trump for his chance to be top dog of the White House.

After last week tweeting about his desire to go on Joe Rogan’s notorious podcast, it seems his calls were heard. The rapper once again took to social media this week to reveal that it would be going ahead, this Friday no less, (which is coincidentally the same date that Sacha Baron Cohen is set to do his own trolling of the presidential election).

However, now it’s come out that, due to podcast producer Jamie Vernon testing positive for coronavirus, all upcoming Joe Rogan podcasts this week will be cancelled.

“I tested negative, and the rest of the staff tested negative but we’re shutting everything down until we get an all clear from our doctor,” Rogan explained in the video accompanying the announcement.

“I was out of town last week and the shows that aired had all been previously recorded, so I haven’t had any contact with Jamie in the past 9 days except for briefly today, but I’m staying away from everyone and being tested every day until I know I’m in the clear,” he added.

It’s not been an overly productive time for Kanye. Last week, the rapper quietly released a new track, Nah Nah Nah, which elicited a fair amount of disdain from fans.

There’s no word yet on when the podcast will resume, or whether Kanye’s appearance will be rescheduled – but here’s hoping that it is.

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