Kanye West uses image of Kirsten Dunst in election ad, everyone confused

Kanye West has released a new presidential ad on Twitter that features Kirsten Dunst and Anna Wintour. Neither celebrity was contacted for their permission.

Every time you think that the Kanye 2020 saga is beginning to wind down, Mr West returns with something new to puzzle us.

In today’s chapter, the rapper posted a new political ad to his Twitter, featuring the words “KANYE 2020 VISION” and a collage of smiling faces. Most notably on the campaign was Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst and Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Here’s the kicker though, neither celebrity seemed to understand why they’d been included and neither have any affiliation to the campaign.

Kanye includes Kirsten Dunst and Anna Wintour in new campaign poster

Dunst replied to the tweet saying, “What’s the message here, why am I apart of it?“, whilst a source close to Wintour told PEOPLE Magazine that she had not given permission for her photo to be used.

Kanye and Wintour have had their own storied relationship throughout the lifespan of West’s fashion line Yeezy, but the use of Dunst’s photo seems to have come out of nowhere.

Dunst and Wintour aren’t the first celebrities to be unwittingly wrapped up the chaos of Kanye’s political career either. Last month, rapper Jay-Z was announced as Kanye’s Vice President, despite the fact that the two are not currently talking.

The campaign poster comes in the same week Kanye revealed he wants to make a Christian version of TikTok called Jesus Tok, tweeted his admiration for underused emojis, and expressed love for the board game Othello.

Since announcing his run for President in July, the controversial rapper has held a chaotic presidential rally, dropped in and out of the election, and been involved with a voter fraud scandal.

What’s to come in this saga? Nobody knows but I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear from Mr. West.