Melbourne coronavirus: here’s what stage 5 lockdown could look like

While the thought of Stage 5 lockdowns throughout Australia was once inconceivable, Victoria is getting closer to this reality by the second.

With Stage 4 restrictions already at unprecedented levels, many are starting to wonder how much worse it could possibly get.

Stage 5 lockdowns Melbourne

So, what would Stage 5 lockdown restrictions look like in Melbourne if they are imposed over the next few weeks or months?

On Sunday, it was announced that Melbourne had a tally of active coronavirus cases which surpassed 6,000. The Premier also revealed that the state would be moving to stage 4 restrictions. This included an 8 pm to 5 am curfew, a one-hour restriction on outdoor exercise, shopping limited to one person per household per day, and movements restricted to a 5km radius of the home. With all but the essential businesses being closed, around 250,000 people are expected to be jobless.

But if things were to keep getting worse, could Melbourne enter stage 5 lockdowns – and what would that look like? Government officials are yet to give exact specifications about what they might entail, however, in a statement Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews described: “It’s hard to imagine what a Stage Five might look like. But it would radically change the way people live.

“Not just rules on when and where you can go shopping — but restrictions on going shopping at all,” he continued. “We’re not thinking about a Stage Five. But it does require – and this is what we’re talking about with a Stage Five – it does require everyone’s cooperation… We need everyone to do what’s required now in order to get where we want to be.”

Victorians are certainly already struggling, but if the outbreak were to worsen in the state, lockdown could reach new heights. Right now it’s vital that not just in Victoria, but across the whole country, we keep up personal hygiene, wear masks, and stay home if feeling unwell.