Melbourne man fends off armed burglers by swinging bass guitar

In breaking news, a man in Melbourne has managed to evade burglars with an incredible weapon of choice: a bass guitar. After hearing intruders break down his door at 2am, local hero Mike Conomy took matters into his own hands and confronted the armed intruders with the “cheapest guitar from his collection.”

We don’t know if Mike has been playing too much Grand Theft Auto in isolation but his unique technique seemed to do the job.


Left, right, goodnight: this man wasn’t playing games when he started swinging his bass guitar.

The intruders, armed with knives, forced their way into the house with the intention of stealing the keys to Conomy’s Mercedes-Benz. So you can imagine their surprise when he came at them swinging a bass guitar.

His partner Annabelle described the incident and Conomy’s act of heroism in all its glory:

“All I really saw was him with the guitar wielding it like a battle axe.”

A man of courage, Conomy didn’t stop once the robbers had retreated back to their getaway vehicle, but ran down to their car using the bass guitar to lay into it. We should mention that no guitars were damaged during this ordeal, and both Mike and Annabelle weren’t harmed during the invasion.

Quite the scene at 2am in a quiet Melbourne street, huh? We don’t have the OG footage of the event but you can catch the closest thing to it below in a reenactment the couple did for Nine News.

You’re welcome.