Ahoy: Nickelback return with a sea shanty version of their 2005 hit ‘Rockstar’

Nickelback have taken their self-powered, meme-making expertise to the next level on TikTok with a new pirate influenced rendition of their hit song Rockstar.

In news that I didn’t expect to be writing about today, Nickelback have continued to take the piss out of themselves on social media by releasing a rendition of their own 2005 hit RockStar – but in the genre of pirate.

As bizarre as it seems, it’s actually a new trend taking over TikTok right now, with users taking modern hits and reimagining them as sea shanty renditions. There’s no surprise that these videos are majorly going viral.

Photo: Getty Images

The Canadian four-piece were actually influenced to create the masterpiece when they saw another band, Lottery Winners, shared their own rendition of the track. This obviously prompted Nickelback to get in touch and start a collab.

The duo of musicians saw the opportunity and grabbed it by the broadside, producing a version that I hate to say, actually kinda slaps.

The pirating didn’t stop there, as the video itself contains ocean visuals, pirate ships, and pirate clothing, Nickelback and their new mi hearties’ going all out, even putting frontman Chad Kroeger on a ship.

Their newly found collaborators were nothing but chuffed to appear in the meme hit of 2021, writing on Twitter: “Played Nickelback – How You Remind Me at my first ever gig in 2001.”

“20 years later and I’m doing a collab sea shanty with them. Life is weird.” 

This new hilarious release from Nickelback comes off the back of a few self-deprecating memes, the latest being an ad just literally taking the piss out of Chad Kroeger’s noodle-like hair.

Well, all they wanted to be were rockstars, and we think that with their latest release they may have just plundered that long-awaited offer.