Nickelback teases a return and then gets entirely roasted by Twitter

Nickelback have become the greatest meme of the decade. Just kidding, that’s old news. But what we can confirm is that the band have announced that they’ll be returning with something new tomorrow, aka Friday, August 14. Get ready to write this one down in your calendar, as we suspect it may be new music after the band dropped a black-and-white animated clip of a car speeding towards a city skyline captioned “FRIDAY 8/14.” 

Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse.

It looks like Nickelback might be returning with new music, and in what was probably not their desired response, they’ve been entirely destroyed by Twitter.

There is a silver lining though, Twitter’s best keyboard warriors have emerged from the depths of Nickelback hell with a force like no other.

If there’s one thing that the world can agree on, it’s that the roasting of Nickelback is our favourite pastime. Twitter users have spoken, asserting that we have suffered enough this year. After copping devastating Aussie bushfires, a global pandemic, and worldwide protests following the death of George Floyd (just to name a few), you’d think we might catch a break?

To make you feel a little better about Nickelback’s big news, we’ve compiled a list of the best responses to the band’s return. Who knows – maybe the new music will slap hard. It is a stretch, but 2020 has certainly proved that anything is possible.

And then, almost like this backlash might actually mean that Nickeback, the underdog, becomes the coolest thing to happen to 2020, there are those defending the band:

We’re all doomed.