The PlayStation Store keeps listing games at £10,000 and nobody knows why

PlayStation Store shoppers have spotted a few curiously high price tags on games such as GreedFall, Dead Cells, and others.

Following their stance on Cyberpunk 2077 refunds, the PlayStation Store is back in the news for a whole other reason. A growing number of people have been slapped with £10,000 price tags on games from the retailer, and nobody really knows why.

It’s worth nothing that is not an exclusively English problem – people worldwide have found themselves with a request to cough up 10 grand in whatever their local currency is. It also doesn’t seem trapped to GreedFall, though it’s the most common we’ve seen by far.

An image of the playstation store logo Erroneous 10000 price tag for greedfall

We’ve not yet seen someone with the steel cold nerves to go through with the transaction on the Playstation Store, and Sony are refusing to comment on the situation. So for as long as it’s no harm done, all we have is these hilarious screenshots and a rare opportunity to guffaw with glee.

There’s every chance it’s a viral marketing scheme (who knows what the average game dev would do for clout) but it feels counterintuitive to have the world looking at your product and thinking “the game’s certainly not worth THAT much.” But maybe this is some genius reverse psychology magic.

Either way, if any more of these images come up, let us know. I’d love to look at a $10,000 AUD game and lose myself to the daydream of that life – or you know, you could just grab a PlayStation Now subscription instead.