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“Raw and truthful”: Frances Bean Cobain shares raw new music

Frances Bean Cobain is carving out her path as an artist and musician, after announcing her desire to seriously pursue a music career last year. Since then, she’s been releasing original songs via her Instagram channel and her latest offering comes as two short videos from her new piece.


Frances Bean Cobain shares some raw, authentic snippets of original music via her Instagram account and promises new music “soonish”.

“These are clips of a very sad song,” she warns in the caption, “but it’s raw and truthful and I wanted to share it.” The authenticity is palpable; Cobain’s voice has a timbre so pure and emotive as she sings simply yet powerfully, accompanied just her guitar.

“I know you weren’t meant to stay in this place/Sometimes I find it hard to look at my own face,” sings the daughter of Kurt Cobain“maybe one day I will talk to you/ If I’m lucky it won’t be too soon.” Her lyricism hints at her father, and although she doesn’t specify who it’s about, it all feels very raw and real.

In her caption she also speaks out to the hundreds of thousands of viewers and fans, thanking them for all the support before teasing that she’ll be releasing new music…“soonish”.

Whenever it is, we can’t wait for the daughter of rock legend Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love to release more of her art into this world.


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June 20, 2019