King Crimson’s Robert Fripp and wife Toyah share chaotic cover of ‘Enter Sandman’

Power couple Robert and Toyah Fripp have blessed us with their rendition of Metallica’s Enter Sandman, and it’s more chaotic than you could possibly expect.

Toyah Fripp stole the limelight off husband and King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp after the pair shared their wonderful rendition of the Metallica. Keep in mind, this was all while Toyah rode an exercise bike.

The latest rendition joins a series of videos that the pair have brought to us during the pandemic, titled Sunday Lunch. They definitely haven’t fallen short with their latest instalment.

Robert and Toyah Fripp
Photo: Youtube

With Robert on guitar duties (obviously), wife Toyah gets a work out on an exercise bike while singing and acting out the lyrics to the smash hit. The whole performance makes for quite an outlandish video – one that has received half a million views in just a day.

Enter Sandman is not their first Sunday Lunch release this year either, with the couple performing a rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog, featuring Toyah in a full leopard print onesie.

Alongside Zeppelin, the couple have dabbled with artists such as Nirvana, Alice Cooper, Guns n’ Roses, The Sex Pistols, and Black Sabbath which, yes, featured Toyah performing outlandishly again, this time in a prison cell.

Watch the hilariously performed covers below: