Sløtface subverts the narrative with new single ‘Final Gørl’

Sløtface’s Haley Shea doesn’t wanna be the Final Gørl

Spring 2024 welcomes a new era for Sløtface, as frontwoman Haley Shea joins forces with producer Preben Sælid Andersen to craft their latest musical endeavour.

Their collaboration births ‘Final Gørl,’ a track that not only marks a milestone as their first release under Sælid Andersen’s production but also signals a bold departure from conventional feminine stereotypes.

In a candid exploration of her songwriting process, Shea reveals her tendency to classify her compositions into two distinct categories: “songs about me being a f***ing loser” and “songs about everything else – the beauty in the world, attempts to better oneself, etc.”

‘Final Gørl’ unequivocally falls into the former category, delving into the familiar trope found in horror movies such as Scream and Halloween.

Shea, deeply entrenched in the genre’s ethos, comments on the archetype of the “final girl,” typically depicted as pure and virginal, thus surviving the horrors unscathed. However, she subverts this narrative, proclaiming, “I wanted to flip the script on that.”

Through the song’s protagonist, Shea defiantly rejects the societal expectations imposed upon women, challenging the notion that survival hinges upon conformity to traditional roles.

“In the song, I’m singing a lot of lines to the killer in a horror movie, very aware of what genre I’m in, and saying ‘no thanks, I don’t really want to be a part of these expectations,'” Shea elaborates.

With ‘Final Gørl,’  Sløtface doesn’t just deliver a catchy tune; they serve a potent anthem resonating with themes of empowerment and self-definition.

It’s a declaration that women need not conform to societal pressures but can embrace their flaws and complexities, unapologetically.

In Shea’s words, it’s about embracing the freedom to be “lazy losers” in a world that often demands perfection.

Experience the rebellious spirit of ‘Final Gørl’ on your preferred streaming platforms and immerse yourself in Sløtface’s fearless musical journey.

‘Final Gørl’ will be heard live in a handful of selected European cities this spring and summer. Full dates below:

March 21st – Supersonic Paris, France

March 22nd – Bibelot Power Stage, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

March 23rd – Ways Around Festival, Bruxelles, Belgium

March 25th – Badehaus Berlin, Germany

June 8th – MiniØya, Oslo, Norway

June 15th – Mablis, Stavanger, Norway

June 21st – Café Skuret, Trondheim, Norway

July 12th – 2000 Trees Festival, Cheltenham, UK