Xbox One X sales spike: people are buying the wrong console

Pre-orders for Xbox Series X are now live! However, be careful not to accidentally buy the Xbox One X instead, as some fans might already have done.

Make sure to double check your products! According to the US-based ‘Amazon Movers & Shakers’ report, the sales for the Xbox One X have shot up. However, it might not be intentional.

The Xbox Series X and Series S have a release date set for November 10, and pre-orders are now live. However, the pre-order announcement might have unintentionally caused massive confusion due to Xbox’s naming conventions. You see, the Xbox One X is not an Xbox Series X – but after writing that, you can understand buyers’ confusion.

Xbox Series X

Some people might feel like their concern for the decided names of the new series has now been warranted. Since the pre-orders of the next-gen consoles were announced, sales of the Xbox One X (the last generation console which has been available since 2017) have risen sharply on Amazon. Normally, this would be a cause of celebration for Xbox, but this rise is potentially a sign that people have become confused by Microsoft’s console names.

In the past 24 hours, the sales for the old model have risen by 319 percent on Amazon (at the time of this article), with it even reaching a 747 percent increase after the announcement.

The hype for the upcoming release of Xbox’s next generation consoles has been extreme (especially with yesterday’s news that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda), and these insane numbers are only adding to it. Hopefully, anybody who has been confused by the difference between the Xbox Series X and the One X will be able to get that fixed up.