A look inside Trump’s cursed statue garden of “American heroes”

Trump has issued an executive order to begin building 250 statues of “American heroes” as a symbol of hope and national unity. Ew.

Donald Trump is leaving his Presidential post with as much confusion as when he entered. Today, he issued an executive order that authorised 250 statues of “American Heroes” to be made into a National Garden.

The reasoning and the choices of who made the cut for the ‘Garden of American Heroes’ is, well… strange.

trumps statues

The idea for the cursed statue was brought forward by Trump in July 2020 as a solution to the colonial statues that were destroyed during the Black Lives Matter protests. According to Trump, the solution of rebuilding is a natural American response “when the forces of anti-Americanism tear down and destroy.” Hot take, but okay.

The National Garden of American Heroes will reportedly be a lasting tribute to the greatest Americans who ever lived, as “each individual has been chosen for embodying the American spirit of daring, defiance, adventure … loyalty and love.” 

The list of the 250 honourable heroes have really nothing in common, except that they are all dead.

A few from the music industry include Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Whitney Houston, and Frank Sinatra. Sinatra’s presence in the garden may be a problem, however, as his daughter has made it very clear that she “loathes” the former President.

There are some other honourable mentions who have also earned the American hero status; including Walt Disney, Julia Child, Kobe Bryant, Rosa Parks, Theodor Seuss (Dr. Seuss), and Steve Jobs.

In keeping, somehow, with the “American Hero” theme, non-Americans including Ingrid Bergman (Swedish), Alfred Hitchcock (British), Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek (Canadian), and Albert Einstein (German) also made the cut.

Visitors will come and learn the amazing stories of some of the greatest Americans who have ever lived,” Trump told press of the project.

Although the Secretary of the Interior will be providing the funding for the establishment and maintenance of the garden, it is still unclear on the location or the cost of the project.

Not to mention that after tomorrow’s inauguration, Trump will no longer be President and Joe Biden can simply scrap the statues he has ordered, along with Trump’s other policies.

Nothing is set in stone just yet.